Zoom Glass and Pewter Whiskey Decanter
Zoom Square Glass Decatner with pewter stopper

Square Glass Decanter with Pewter Stopper


This elegant piece of barware is sure to become a cherished heirloom. Crafted with the highest quality material, our Square Glass and Pewter Decanter offers timeless sophistication, perfect for gifting to someone special for a retirement or other significant occasion. This classic gentleman's whiskey decanter is sure to add a touch of antiquity to any space, with its pewter stopper and fine glass design.

Made in Thailand, our pewter makes use of traditional techniques; casting most models by hand and finishing with a delicate polishing process . Each piece bears the company’s hallmark stamp that guarantee’s the products composition.



Lead-Free Pewter containing 95% - 97% Tin with the balance being copper and antimony.

Dimensions (mm)
750 ml

265H x 90W x 90D

Care Instructions

Pewter does not tarnish like silver but overtime oxidation will occur and change the appearance of pewter. Maintain shine by washing in warm soapy water and polishing with a metal cleaner such as brasso (not silver polish)


Glass and Pewter Whiskey Decanter

Square Glass Decanter with Pewter Stopper